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Welcome To The Group

                 :ufo: Welcome to YourOwnUniverse :ufo:
                 :abduction:                                            :abduction:

This group is made for any ORIGINAL artwork We like to see artist be themselves, and create their own unique artwork. :la: Fan art is accepted, but we prefer original art.



:bulletred: Submit in the right category please! Or else it will be DENIED!!
:bulletred: Submit your BEST work
:bulletred: Nothing offensive
:bulletred: Nothing traced or stolen
:bulletred: Submissions must follow the deviantart copyright policy
:bulletred: Submissions must have 2 votes in order to be accepted

:bulletred: Be nice to other members and admins
:bulletred: No destructive criticism on artwork
:bulletred: NO SPAMMING

:iconhellothereplz: :iconhellothereplz: :iconhellothereplz: :iconhellothereplz: :iconhellothereplz: :iconhellothereplz:

Thanks for visiting, have fun, and show your artwork to the world! :)

Gallery Folders

PONY.TOWN Princess Luna by AuroraHarmony
Broken Pride - Part 1 - Flashback - Page 1 by AuroraHarmony
Peerern by TaScha1969
Amos Trevelyan by Natie15
Digital Art
Power of the Core Worlds by AuroraHarmony
Sonic 26th Birthday by PrettyShadowj28
Dragon Rock Desktop Wallpaper + Speedpaint by ScytheaAndLanarkine
Leon X Berry by SebastianLR
Traditional Art
Tens: Fireworks by ENIMINEMOE
Untitled by SootheNoo1959
Untitled by SootheNoo1959
Original Characters
On the Run by SavilleHyde
Who's Ready For Summer? by ScytheaAndLanarkine
Realistic Scythea by ScytheaAndLanarkine
Splash! by ScytheaAndLanarkine
art by lisa-im-laerm
Untitled by Toash
He fell asleep playing with that by razorhoof87
Murphy (My fish) (Goldfish) by Ginger-The-Bunny
Fan Art
What Orwell Failed to Predict by AmericanDreaming
America's Favorite Fighting Frenchman by LE2
Water Fall -- Undertale Wallpaper by ScytheaAndLanarkine
Who's Laughing Now? [SPEEDPAINT] by ScytheaAndLanarkine
Valentine's Gryphon by KingMelissa
Love Phoenix by KingMelissa
Narwhals by melissah84
Monsieur Macaron et Mademoiselle Croissant by dragonfly-world
Cosmic Clock by Capstoned
InterPlanetary by Capstoned
honey milk heart by smault23
A Streetcar Named Desire by wwwcine
Poems, books, stories, etc.
Moving On by MSOwolf
Unconditional Love by pitnerd
The Paradox of Greed by AmericanDreaming
Freedom by MSOwolf
Artisan Crafts
Happy Valentine my love by Tazunee
Applejack has cute pjs better pic by digigirl789
Twilight Sparkle Is Ready For Bed in a better pic by digigirl789
Kiiarre  Poseable Creature  SOLD by SonsationalCreations
Mature Content
shut your pretty mouths by lisa-im-laerm
Mixed Media

Latest Favourite Artists

Members are now allowed to join as contributors! :w00t: Contributors are allowed to vote artwork into the group, and edit some content. Just click to join as a contributor, and you will automatically be accepted. I am looking for more help in the group because I am not able to get on Deviantart as much as I use to. Join today if you are interested! :D Help the group grow!
Our affiliates over at innergarden are having a bookmark contest to celebrate Sharka-Larim's birthday!
The contest is to create a bookmark with the characters from her novel, "Dark Rose".
The deadline is January 2nd, 2014, Central European Time. There will be two winners - her favorite entry and Deviants’ choice award.

All information regarding what to draw or paint is right here.

The story is about Count Alzara Vezcoz who, in a fictional medieval kingdom, strives against Dominats sect to restore peace to her house and realm. The novel is going to be published digitally in first part of 2014. An affordable reading for any able to understand Polish. That will be Sharka’s dream fulfillment and a nice opening for a new decade of life. Join the fun!

Rules for Entries

-Entries have to feature any of “Dark Rose” characters
-Keep the entries in a bookmark format
-You do not need to be a member of the group to enter
-Put your bookmark entry in the folder “Bookmark contest” in this group's gallery
"how to":…
-Do your best: careful shading and coloring, without fingerprints, crop image for proper framing
-Any number of entries is accepted
-Any medium accepted, either traditional or digital
-While waiting for the announcement please leave a few words under fellow contestants' submissions

-You do not need to be a member of the group to vote
-Participants may vote
-Vote is given in a comment made between 3rd and 13th January 2014 in “Bookmark contest” folder
-Any voter has 2 points
-These 2 points may be claimed for one entry or two times 1 point for two entries
-Keep the comments in English, Polish or German only

-Sharka-Larim's favorite entry’s author is going to receive a bookmark crochet by her with an image of choice (plus free shipping)
-Deviants’ choice award entry’s author is going to receive 50 DA points from Sharka-Larim
-Any Deviant may donate points, request, sketches etc. to enrich the prizes
-Both winning pieces are going to be featured in the group
-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup - 2 week journal feature

Official announcement of the winners is 14th January 2014

Good luck and have fun!

More Journal Entries












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bonbonka Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
Submissions keep expiring, perhaps the group is not active?
Hi, one of my "works" or as i call them, cropped gif was invited to be submitted/featured in this group but it's not fanart not original artwork. It's literally a clip from a cartoon. Can it be removed? (Before you ask; i clicked yes before i even read the rules or clicked on the group. Pretty stupid.) 
B. Taylor  < it's this one.
I-N-R Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Student Photographer
Many thanks for having my work! :)
feigenfrucht Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks a lot for your kind support :-)
mala-vida Featured By Owner Edited Dec 20, 2016
Thank you very much for the request ! As you have seen this picture is from   Twitter/bencuvelier
PandabearSarah Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I guess I will post a comment with what was in my note a week ago :

None of my submissions have been accepted recently, they just timeout after so many days with no comments or reasons. Have I put them in the wrong category? I was just wondering if I was doing something wrong. 

I have a submission sitting waiting now, and has been since the 22nd, I understand if your busy but I see other peoples things being accepted but mine just seem to be ignored.

My first submission the note was about timed out and I have put a 2nd one in, and since then 11 things have been accepted but not mine. I just want to know whats going on, are my requests getting lost? or just ignored?
Natie15 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've seen a few of yours and accepted them, so I'm not sure why they've timed out. If you want I can go through your galley and add some things manually. Link me to the pieces you want to see in the gallery and I'll drop them in :)
PandabearSarah Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't understand either :S
This is the one I have tried to submit recently…
and I still have the correspondence message from when I submitted it on the 1st in my messages, since it doesnt seem to have been accepted yet.
I guess sometimes things just go missing, and it's no big deal and no ones fault, just seemed weird that it's happened a few times now.
But thank you for the reply!
Here are a few more from a little longer ago that didn't seem to get accepted:………
Natie15 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The last three have been submitted! Thank you for your patience.
(1 Reply)
Natie15 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I got one in, but due to the submission limit I'll have to do the others later today (I submitted some things last night, also, didn't realize I had a submission limit, being the co-founder and all. Hilarious.) 
Thank you for your patience! 
You have pointed out a flaw in our little system, and I went through our contributor list and saw that very few were still active in this group. 
Would you like to join as a contributor and help us with the submission process? I'd greatly appreciate it. 
(1 Reply)
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